NIH Blueprint: The Human Connectome Project

Connectome in a Box Order Form

1: Shipping Location

Connectome data is shipped from Washington University in Saint Louis. Shipping cost will vary by order quantity and country of residence.

2: Product Specification

Please select only one set of Connectome Data to order or pre-order.


1200 Subjects Data Release
Release version: 2017-03-01

The complete 1200 Subjects data release contains MR imaging data for 1113 participants. This data release also includes additional new data for previously released subjects, including re-preprocessed diffusion data.

Please Note: We are distributing ZIP-archived package data for each subject on these drives, to conserve space and cost. Users must unpack the data onto separate storage in order to use this data. Have your IT support plan for 100 TB free space to unpack all drives.

See this note for S1200 purchasers for more details.

Cost: $2,964.00 for 12 drives, plus shipping.

HCP Data - MEG Subjects (Updated)
Release version: 2016-07-06

This drive contains all MEG data and 3T MR structural scans for all subjects who have MEG data (95 subjects in total).

This order is meant as a complement for users who already have the complete MR data for these subjects.

Cost: $247.00 for 1 8TB drive, plus shipping.

Note: all drives will be Linux EXT3-formatted.


Though these releases are not ready to ship yet, you can place a pre-order and be guaranteed an early delivery. How do preorders work?

Note: all drives will be Linux EXT3-formatted.

3: Shipping Address

Use this same address for billing.

4: Payment Information

  • The Human Connectome Project only requires payment to cover material and shipping cost. There is no cost for service provided, nor any profit taken.
  • Payments are securely processed by an eTransact storefront set up by Washington University in St Louis. The Human Connectome Project website does not store or track credit card information in its database.
  • Residents of Missouri and Indiana are required to pay sales tax, unless they work for an institution that claims tax exemption. To claim tax exemption, please email us at and we will send further instructions on placing your order.